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Veria Operation Updated

The Veria operation is a non-mastoidectomy technique for cochlear implantation. It uses the transcanal approach to the middle ear and the cochlea. The steps of the procedure are: (1) endaural approach, that offers a wide accessibility to the middle ear structures; (2) inspection of the middle ear anatomy; (3) straightening of the postero-superior bony canal wall, which is usually concave; (4) performing the cochleostomy through the outer ear canal; (5) drilling of the suprameatal hollow, which is used for the accommodation of the electrode excess; (6) drilling of the trans-wall direct tunnel, which is the pathway for the active electrode; (7) alignment of the direct tunnel to the cochleostomy; (8) extension of the incision and preparing of the flaps; (9) creating of the bed and fixing the device; (10) insertion of the electrodes; (11) manipulating the excess of the active electrode, and (12) closing. For this technique, two special instruments have been developed: a special perforator used for the drilling of the direct tunnel for the active electrode, making it completely safe, and a safety electrode forceps used to manipulate the active electrode during insertion. The direct tunnel can be enlarged superiorly permitting insertion of two electrodes, in cases where a double electrode array implant has to be used. The method is an efficient tool for handling all cochlear implant cases, including difficult ones such as revision cases, malformations, cochlear ossifications and poor mastoid development. It is safe without complications in over a hundred cases and easy to learn. 

The Health Ptolemais IA Private Diagnostic Laboratory was founded in 2000 in the city of Ptolemais by the physician radiologist Dimitrios Patsinakidi , aiming to promote the diagnostic imaging services in the prefecture of Kozani and Western Macedonia.

For this purpose, the Diagnostic Laboratory installed the first brand new modern magnetic resonance imaging company of Philips, in the greater area of ​​Western Macedonia and neighboring counties (Pella).

In its fourteen years of operation, HYGEIA has earned the trust and appreciation of physicians and practitioners through image quality, diagnostic accuracy and reliability of results, pioneering medical services, patient respect and personal health care. .

The company is the natural continuation of a continuous presence in the field of radiology and imaging in Western Macedonia from 1975 until today. 

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Bone Density Measurement (DEXA)
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